The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort is proud to announce that it has been designated as a Florida Green Lodging Property by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and its cast members are committed to protecting the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and minimizing pollution. We also provide opportunities for guests to participate in our public areas, guest rooms and via room key recycling programs.

The Florida Green Lodging Program is a voluntary state initiative that provides the lodging industry with free technical assistance, encouraging hotels and motels to adopt cost-saving “green” practices that reduce waste, conserve natural resources and improve the bottom line.

Listing by Department of Current Green Practices:

All Departments/Operations

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum
  • Recycle print cartridges
  • White copy/printing paper is minimum 30% post consumer content
  • Colored copy/printing paper is minimum 30% post consumer content
  • Lighting/computer equipment in all areas turned off when not in use
  • Computer monitors programmed to turn off after a period of inactivity
  • Audio Visual equipment turned off daily and when not in use
  • Recycled room key
  • Use of post consumer content for office supplies
  • Use e-mail instead of paper for communication and documentation
  • All administrative areas recycle
  • All public areas option for guest participation in recycling
  • Mandatory reports are reduced to as needed: old reports are reused and recycled
  • Recycling programs for light bulbs and batteries are in place
  • Non-smoking facility

Audio Visual (Presentation Services)

  • Business Center office equipment turned off daily after business hours


  • Bed linens changed only upon guest requests (part of water/energy conservation effects)
  • Towels replaced only upon request allowing guests the option to re-use existing towels
  • In room recycling available for guests
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used


  • Dish washing machines shut down between washes when business levels are low


  • Double-sided printing to all network printers
  • All ink/printer cartridges are recycled
  • Pallets are picked up for reuse or repair instead of dumping
  • Paper products are 30%-40% recyclable


  • All light panels in meeting rooms are on dimmers, allowing users to select the most efficient setting based on the event
  • Lighting in all rooms is shut off when not in use
  • Air conditioning is maintained by the status of room
  • Binderless / Paperless Meetings with eVent Portfolio
  • Westin Clutterless Set is Standard for all meeting rooms
  • E-menus available
  • Meeting Impact Report distributed to all meeting planners to see Carbon Offset of program
  • Reusable items left by groups donated when applicable
  • Whenever possible the use of single use containers is avoided
  • Organic foods are an option if the guest desires it in Banquets & Room Service (advance notification)
  • Vegetarian options are available in the hotel for meetings and restaurants
  • Local food products can be offered but options are limited due to short growing season limiting carbon offset for shipping
  • Gas, lights, computers are turned off
  • Kitchen grease is picked up by recycling agency
  • Biodegradable corn based beverage ware (upon request) in banquet areas
  • Food not consumed for meetings is provided to hotel associates free of charge or donated to charities


  • Energy Management System to control all mechanical, HVAC, chiller and boiler systems, and pumping station for efficiency
  • 1.6 gallon per flush toilets in all rooms and guest areas. Automated flush
  • Low flow faucet aerators installed throughout the building and all guest rooms. Automated faucets
  • Motion controlled lighting devices being installed in all administrative areas
  • Use of environmentally friendly paints
  • Pest control company held to use of IPM integrated products (environmentally friendly)
  • MERV 8 rated air conditioning filters utilized in guest rooms


  • Utilize e-mail instead of direct mail when possible
  • Scan and e-mail instead of fax
  • Utilize office products derived from post consumer content